Listed below are the services we offer, although if your needs differ please contact us for further information.

Please call for a free care needs assessment to see how we can help you or your loved ones today.

We attend Doctors, Dental and hospital appointments with clients, a friendly face to give a little encouragement, practical assistance or even to remember what has been said. An in-depth written report for our clients’ and their families is written (unless we are requested not to).

Our support can be as simple as a supermarket shopping trip, some help with domestic chores or just a cup of tea and a chat, little things that can make a huge difference to someone’s day to day life.

Another role we are often asked to assist with is the filling out of forms and helping clients plan a budget. We can be found attending meetings and liaising with officials to give a little moral support, all these things are within our remit.

A very important element of our care is companionship, many people live alone and although they have family and friends, they can easily feel lonely and isolated. This also applies to clients’ families; we can offer an opportunity for family carers to have a break. A couple of hours to themselves can be hugely beneficial to those who care for others 24 hours a day.

We do not just deal with the day to day elements such as shopping and housework either, days out, trips to events and shows are regularly organised. Please see our gallery to see some examples

We can offer support to anyone over the age of 18, no matter what their interests, background or requirements.

We are flexible and are happy to adapt care plans as clients’ needs may change due to circumstances or medical conditions.

We currently are looking for premises to offer learning opportunities for some of our younger clients. These will include simple meal preparation activities, which in turn will promote health and nutrition education, portion sizes, food hygiene, basic first aid, budgeting advice, for example, the costing of a store-bought ready meal and a homemade variety. We are working alongside health professionals to accomplish this and hold food hygiene certification.

Social groups were also being developed for differing sectors of our clientele to encourage friendships with shared interests and values. Sadly, this has had to be delayed due to Covid -19, however it is still very important to us.